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Department of Foreign Language Teaching Department

The department was established by a decision of the General Assembly of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" of 24 January 2001.
Since its creation, it has been an academic structure of foreign language teaching, and in March 2019 the Academic Council decided to restructure and expand its activities and since then it has been the Department of Foreign Language Teaching and Postgraduate Qualification.
• clearly structured and fully developed, ensuring continuity and adaptability to the needs of students;
• with its leading ideas, principles and approaches;
• with clearly defined learning content;
• with strict organization and clear procedures;
• with its own mechanism for maintaining the standards and establishing the achievements - of both the students and the lecturers.
• The department offers courses in: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Bulgarian for international students, as well as in Japanese and Portuguese (under a partnership agreement).
The foreign language courses are in line with the levels of foreign language proficiency set out in the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" developed by the Council of Europe.
Speech behaviour is your calling card in society. Knowledge of foreign languages facilitates communication, erases national borders and cultural features and disseminates human knowledge globally. The acquisition and use of a foreign language in practice is becoming increasingly important. In the dynamics of modern society, all areas of activity require proficiency in one or more foreign languages.
The Department of Foreign Language Training and Postgraduate Qualification offers foreign language training for all specialties in the educational and qualification degrees "Bachelor" and "Master". The lecturers in the Department are highly qualified specialists, convinced of the advantages of modern methods of foreign language teaching. They apply in practice the modern requirements for the preparation of students, guaranteeing a high level of proficiency in foreign languages according to European standards.
The department offers foreign language training for the following levels:
  • Foreign language - I level (level A1 of the European framework)
  • Foreign language - II level (level A2 of the European framework)
  • Foreign language - III level (level B1 of the European framework)
  • Foreign language - IV level (level B2 of the European framework)
The department offers courses for specific purposes:
  • Business
  • Informatics
  • Tourism
  •  Diplomacy
  • Law
  • Law enforcement activity
  •  Psychology
  • Architecture and construction
  • Public administration
  •  Social activities
  • Business correspondence: business correspondence diplomatic correspondence
• The department conducts certification sessions to establish the level of proficiency in a foreign language. The students who have passed the exam successfully obtain a university certificate.
• The department issues a university certificate of foreign language proficiency for academic purposes.
• It conducts training in Bulgarian as a foreign language and in English for foreign citizens, including prospective students.
• It organises courses for acquiring additional professional qualification "TEACHER of ....".
• It organises courses under ORDINANCE № 15 of 22 July 2019 on the status and professional development of teachers, head teachers and other pedagogical specialists.
• Course for additional professional qualification in "English for primary teachers".
Additional postgraduate courses other than those listed, including contract training.
• The Department organises and conducts intensive candidate student courses in foreign languages and organises language internships in European countries.
Over the years, the Department has partnered with various institutions.
Dr. Boryana Kostova

Secretary: Svetla Jordanova
tel.: +359 52 359 593