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Department of Art

About the Department

Art instruction at Varna Free University commenced back in 1994 with the establishment of the two specialities forming the professional field of Fine Arts - Fashion Design and Textile Design. Initially, courses were delivered at the Faculty of Art, Culture and Mass Communications, comprised of the specialities of Cultural Studies and Journalism. The next three years saw the establishment of many new specialties in all three professional art fields – Fine Arts, Music and Dance Art, and Theatrical and Film Art. Later, we founded an Academic and Scientific Complex of Arts, while since 2007 instruction has been taking place at the Department of Art at Varna Free University.

With a view to the establishment and advancement of our specialities, we are employing prominent pedagogues and artists, including Academician Professor Petar Angelov, Professor Vladimir Ivanov, Professor Todor Tachev, etc. Today, the Department of Art boasts an own team of academics, including our young assistant professors who have graduated from our University. Our tutors guarantee the high quality of education according to Bulgarian tradition and the European and global standards in the field of art.

Graduates from the Department of Art have the chance to embark on a successful career in the field of art – designers, artists, conductors, choreographers, pedagogues, art directors at art institutes, as well as actors and directors for theatrical and film productions, the TV and the media.

All specialities are accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency. The VFU Department of Art is a member of the European League of Institutes of the Arts. The Department of Art has been working under agreements with over 20 secondary schools of art in Bulgaria, as well as with many European universities in the field of academic and creative cooperation. All students studying at the Department are provided opportunities for mobility to European universities of the arts under the Socrates and Erasmus programmes.

The needs of the educational process are met thanks to our modern campus equipped with the most cutting-edge technology.

The Department boasts creative student collectives, including an academic dance theatre comprised of two groups: a folklore ensemble and a modern choreography ballet group, performing a large set of art and concert shows in Bulgaria and abroad. Students from the Fine Arts specialities regularly hold fashion shows, exhibitions and plenary sessions.

All members of the art groups founded at the Department are eligible for a discount from their tuition fees.

Head: Assoc. Professor Kapka Manasieva, PhD
Tel.: +359 52 359 642
Room А-110
Reception day: Wed, 11:00 - 13:00

Secretary: Desislava Radeva
Tel.: +359 52 359 642
Room А-245
Reception days: All weekdays, 10:00 - 12:00; 13:00 - 15:00

Teaching Staff

Tutor Office Tel. Office
Angelov, Petar Iliev, Professor +359-52-359-581 А-110
Tachev, Todor Tsanev, Professor   501
Valchev, Petar Lukanov, Professor    
Mehmedov, Hikmet Ahmedov, Professor    
Yordanova, Rositsa Mihaylova, Professor, PhD   A-117
Kukushev, Konstantin Bozhilov, Assoc. Prof., PhD   A-116
Stoyanova, Lyudmila Simeonova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Stoyanova, Yordanka Nedelcheva, Assoc. Prof.   A-116
Kayryakova, Katya Gineva, Assoc. Prof.   A-116
Ivanova-Aleksova, Lyubka Ivanova, Assoc. Prof.   A-102
Kazalarska, Savka Petrova, Assoc. Prof.   A-102
Bogdanov, Miroslav Milkov, Assoc. Prof.    
Atanasov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof.    
Peneva-Sotirova, Diana Kostadinova, Assist. Prof., Assoc. Prof.   A-102
Manasieva, Kapka Yordanova, Assist. Prof., Assoc. Prof.   A-101
Petkov, Viktor Petkov, Assist. Prof.   A-101
Kardzhieva, Mariya Petrova, Assist. Prof. +359-52-359-584 A-113
Ivanov, Ivaylo Petrov, Assist. Prof.   A-116
Sveshtarova, Albena Tosheva, Assist. Prof.   A-101
Kozina, Nina Nikolaeva, Lecturer   A-116
Spasov, Ivaylo Vladimirov, Lecturer   A-116
Kostov, Zlatin Marinov, PhD, Part-Time Lecturer    
Ivanov, Krasimir Krastev, Part-time Lecturer, PhD    
Pavlova, Aleksandra Lachezarova, Part-time Lecturer    
Kirillov, Vyacheslav Grigorievich, Part-time Lecturer    
Enchev, Georgi Ivanov, Part-time Lecturer    
Peychev, Georgi Yankov, Part-time Lecturer    
Todorova-Dinkova, Diana Ivanova, Part-time Lecturer    
Chernev, Ivaylo Salchev, Part-time Lecturer    
Stamatov, Ivaylo Krasimirov, Part-time Lecturer    
Hristov, Ivan Rosenov, Part-time Lecturer    
Bandutov, Kostadin Borisov, Part-time Lecturer    
Belinova, Milena Dobromirova, Part-time Lecturer    
Staneva, Teodora Marincheva, Part-time Lecturer    
Ignatov, Todor Vladimirov, Part-time Lecturer    
Atanasova, Tsena Ivanova Part-time Lecturer    


BA Academic Degree:


Fashion and Fashion Management

This speciality is aimed at training future highly-qualified specialists in the following subspecialties: Clothing and Clothing Accessory Design, Clothing Production, Fashion Advertising, Fashion Business Marketing and Management. All graduates can start a career as a clothing and clothing accessory designer, sewing industry constructor and technologist, stylist, fashion consultant, advertising expert, tutor, and marketing specialist in the fashion business, also possessing high qualification in the field of management.


Choreography (Traditional Bulgarian Dance)

This speciality is aimed at training highly-qualified specialists with a chance to embark on a career as:

  1. An art director with a professional and amateur ensemble, choreographer at a professional art institute, and ballet master.
  2. A teacher at a secondary school of art with dedicated Bulgarian dance and classic dance classes, as well as at a children’s and youth school, club, children’s centre, etc.
  3. An instructor for future professionals with regard to work in the tourism and entertainment industry.

Choreography (Modern Dance Theatre)

As a result of postmodern art, modern dance techniques put the “think”, “feel”, "act" concept to practice freely and harmoniously. A number of choreographs around the world have developed folklore, classic and modern dance techniques by inventing new style trends. The principle uniting all these still-developing techniques is the one combining the inertia of the body and the energy stemming from its gravity centre.

Academic instruction in modern dance techniques gives body language spatial freedom and increases the creative abilities of students.


MA Academic Degree:

  • Art and event management
  • Fashion styling
  • Choreographic Staging and Arts Management
  • Stage Art, Management and Creative Producing

Outstanding Students

The VFU Academic Dance Theatre performs an average of 40 shows per year with participation by choreography students. Our young designers from the speciality of Fashion and Fashion Management organise a minimum of 12 fashion shows every year. Besides, the Department boasts a number of prestigious awards from national and international competitions and contests.