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Construction of Buildings and Facilities Department

About the Department

The Construction of Buildings and Facilities Department at the VFU Faculty of Architecture originates from the Department of Maritime and Building Sciences at the Technical Sciences Academic and Scientific Complex, founded back in 1995. The Department boasts a number of prominent scholars in the field of building sciences, including Professor Venkov, Professor Darakchiev, Professor Ignatiev, Professor Tanev, Professor Etimov, Professor Staykov, Professor Daalov, Assoc. Prof. Bobev, etc. The Department provides BA education in Construction of Buildings and Facilities, Legal Expert Engineering, and Fire and Civil Protection, MA education in Construction of Buildings and Facilities and Fire and Civil Protection, as well as in many disciplines delivered as a part of the speciality of Architecture. Currently, there are 4 professors, 9 associate professors and 6 assistant professors, working at the Department, 3 of them being PhD holders. The 12th consecutive Construction of Buildings and Facilities class graduated in the 2007/2008 academic year.

Head: : Mihaleva, Dariya Milcheva, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng
Tel.: +359-52-359-621
Room А-226

Secretary: Radostina Stefanova
Tel.: +359-52-359-589
Room А-226
Reception days: All weekdays, 10:00 - 12:00; 13:00 - 15:00

Teaching Staff

Terziev, Stefan Nedyalkov, Professor, PhD, Eng.    
Staykov, Petar Staykov, Professor, PhD, Eng.    
Daalov, Totyu Borislavov, Professor, PhD, Eng.    
Enimanev, Krasimir Ivanov, Professor, PhD, Eng.    
Dimitrov, Dimityr Ivanov, Professor, Sc.D., Eng.    
Dachev, Yuriy Ivanov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Kirov Aleksandar Nikolov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Todorova Galina Dimova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Trizlova, Neli Dimitrova, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Peychev, Veselin Dimitrov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Petkova-Slipets, Rositsa Veselinova, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Stoyanova, Tatyana Stoyanova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Mihaleva, Dariya Milcheva, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Pavlov, Ivan Zhelev, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Bobev, Tinko Borisov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Radulov, Simeon Stoyanov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Manchev, Valentin Lyubenov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Milev, Yanko Zlatanov, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Eng.    
Georgieva, Aneta Yordanova, Assoc. Prof., Eng.    
Panicharov, Gencho Hristov, Assoc. Prof., Eng.    
Kanturska, Stefka Georgieva, Assist. Prof., PhD    
Chakyr, Ali Dzhavid, Assist. Prof., PhD    
Dimitrov, Stanimir Dimitrov, Assist. Prof., PhD    
Kostadinov, Iliyan Stoyanov, Eng.    
Kuzmanov, Nikolay, Assistant Engineer, Eng.    
Kordon, Tihomira Nikolova, Assistant Engineer, Eng.    
Baklarova, Natasha Stefanova, Assist. Prof.    


BA Academic Degree:


Construction of Buildings and Facilities

Graduates and holders of a Construction Engineer qualification have the chance to embark on a career as a constructor, technologist or construction site manager. Graduates will have acquired good theoretical skills, enough practical experience in their basic speciality, as well as the most up-to-date skills in the transformation of theoretical analyses to computer programmes. They will have the opportunity to start a career at design and construction bureaus, construction and installation companies, construction laboratories, controlling and supervising authorities, thanks to their excellent competitiveness in the field of international construction business.


Fire and Emergency Safety of Buildings and Structures

Graduates from this speciality are suitable for a job at corporate fire and emergency authorities, occupying a position at different institutions, events, companies, and State Civil Defence Agency branches, as well as at the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior and the National Fire and Civil Protection Service.


MA Academic Degree:

  • Building Structures
  • Road Construction
  • Fire Equipment and Automatic Fire-Fighting Equipment
  • Water Supply and Drainage Systems and Installations

PhD Academic Degree:

  • 02.15.04 Building Structures
  • 02.15.05 Construction Materials, Products and Technology in their Production
  • 02.19.01 Labour Safety Techniques and Fire-Fighting Equipment


The Department has been cooperating with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and other higher education schools of construction and architecture in Bulgaria. It enjoys sustainable partnerships and student mobility cooperation with the universities of Venice (Italy), Ostrava (the Czech Republic), Žilina (Slovakia) and Lausitz (Germany). Besides, we cooperate with MISIS Institute of Moscow, Russia under different scientific and research projects.