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Department of Economics

Professional field of "Economics"

Bachelor programs:
• International economic relations
• Finance and accounting
• Economics
• International business in English
Masters programs:
• Entrepreneurship
• Circular economy
• Accounting and financial statements
• Financial audit
• Tax and customs control
• Financial and banking management and marketing
• International Finance
Doctoral programs
• Political economy
• World economy and international economic relations
• Accounting reporting, control and analysis of economic activity


Prof. D.Sc. Anna Nedyalkova
Prof. D.Sc. Dimitar Kanev
Prof. Emil Panusheff, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Virginia Ivanova, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Mladen Tonev, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Iva Moneva, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Nikolina Grozeva, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Ofelia Kaneva, Ph.D.
Ass. Prof. Nataliya Silicheva, Ph.D.
Chief Ass. Miglena Pencheva, Ph.D.
Chief Ass. Sevgi Osman, Ph.D.


Head of Department: Prof. Emil Panusheff, Ph.D
Phone: +359 52 359-577
Office: G4
Secretary of the Economics Department: Sevdalina Spasova,
Tel.: +359 52 359-577; +359 899 818 457
Office: G4
Scientific secretary: Ass. Prof. Nataliya Silicheva, Ph.D
Phone: +359 52 359-566
Office: G2