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Department of Legal Sciences

About the Department

In the three departments - Civil Sciences Department, Criminal Sciences Department, Public Law Sciences Department, university and doctoral students are trained in professional field 3.6. Law. The academic staff consists of more than 50 prominent scientists and experts from practice.
Students majoring in Law are trained in the educational and qualification degree 'master' with the professional qualification 'lawyer', giving graduates the opportunity to work in all areas of law - in the judicial system (the court, a prosecutor's office, the investigation), the bar, the notary, judicial executive offices, in public administration and local self-government, in commercial organizations, offices for international cooperation, etc. The curriculum was developed on the basis of Bulgarian and foreign experience in training lawyers and is in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation. Three blocks of disciplines are included: compulsory, elective and optional. The acquisition of the mandatory minimum of legal knowledge and the opportunity for students to orient themselves towards their desired specialization is ensured. The syllabi in the relevant courses in the curriculum while studying theory, legislation and law enforcement are developed on the principles of the interdisciplinary and comparative legal approach. During their studies, students carry out placements in a municipality, prosecutor's office and the court. After successfully passing the state exams, they acquire the legal capacity to exercise the legal profession after the mandatory internship and passing an exam at the Ministry of Justice, as provided for in the Judiciary Act.

Training in programmes for obtaining the educational and scientific degree 'doctor' in:
Constitutional Law
Civil and Family Law
Administrative Law and Administrative Process
Criminal Law
International Law and International Relations
Theory of the State and Law. Political and Legal Studies.
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Head of the Civil Sciences Department: Chief Assistant Dr. Maria P. Petrova
office A204, phone: +359 52 359 627
Administrative building of the Faculty of Law - room B8, phone +359 52 359 605
Head of the Criminal Sciences Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina Kovacheva
phone: +359 52 359 605
Administrative building of the Faculty of Law - room B8
Head of the Public Law Sciences Department: Senior Assistant Dr. Lubomir Antonov
phone: +359 52 359 605
Administrative building of the Faculty of Law - room B8
Secretary: Virginia Halvadjian
phone: +359 52 359 562
Administrative building of the Faculty of Law - room B9
Reception hours: every weekday 9 am - 11am and 2 pm - 3 pm.

Teaching Staff

Tutor Office Tel. No. Office
Stankov, Boyan Rangelov, Prof., Sc.D    
Kunchev, Yonko Dimitrov, Prof., Sc.D.    
Borisov, Orlin Nikolov, Prof., Sc.D.    
Traykov, Zdravko Dimitrov, VFU Professor, PhD    
Valkanov, Valkan, VFU Professor, PhD    
Stamboliev, Ognyan Hristov, Professor, PhD    
Balabanova, Hristina Todorova, Professor, PhD    
Milkova, Dimitrina Antonova, Professor, PhD    
Naumova, Stefka Stefanova, Professor, PhD    
Stoyanov, Ivan Georgiev, Professor, PhD    
Tasev, Simeon Vladimirov, Professor, PhD    
Ruschev, Ivan Ruschev, Professor, PhD    
Mateeva, Ekaterina Ilieva, Professor, Sc.D.    
Bliznashki, Georgi Petkov, Professor, PhD    
Markov, Rumen Iliev, Professor, PhD    
Tsankov, Veselin Hristov, Professor, PhD    
Ilieva, Mariya Kostova, Professor, PhD    
Kostadinov, Emil, Professor, PhD    
Bilyarski, Ivan Aleksandrov, Assoc. Prof., Sc.D.    
Mateeva, Yuliana Mladenova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Markov, Marcho Penchev, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Strashimirova, Ana Vladimirova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Radev, Orlin Stefanov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Grozdanov, Anton Kirilov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Koev, Stanislav Videv, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Siderova, Emiliya Lyubomirova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Todor Kolarov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Boyka Cherneva, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Zhivko Draganov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Emiliya Stankova, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Boyko Rashkov, Assoc. Prof., PhD    
Petrova, Mirosveta, Assist. Prof., PhD    
Kalinova-Panova, Elisaveta Georgieva, Assist. Prof., PhD    
Yanka Tyankova, Assist. Prof., Ph. D    
Kovacheva, Galina Dimitrova, Ph.D.    
Stoyanova-Toneva, Yordanka Angelova, Assist. Prof.    
Angelova, Aleksandra Dobreva, Assist. Prof.    
Dimitrov, Dimitar Stoyanov, Assist. Prof.    
Petrova, Mariya Petrova, Assist. Prof.    
Lilova, Emiliya Tsvetkova, Assist. Prof.    
Nikolova, Galina Ivanova, Assist. Prof.    


Undergraduate MA Degree:



The speciality of Law provides master’s education and access to the professional qualification of Jurist, giving graduates the chance to embark on a career in any sphere of law, including any legal bodies (courts of law, prosecutor’s offices, and investigating authorities), the bar, the notariate, and any legal executive institutions, and public and local self-governance administrations, as well as any trade, business and international partnership organisations, etc. The curriculum is based on Bulgarian and international experience in teaching future jurists, and is complied with the Bulgarian law. The course comprises three types of disciplines: compulsory, elective and optional. It provides access to a mandatory minimum knowledge set, giving students the opportunity to choose their preferred subspecialty. The curriculums in all disciplines comprising the course of study, as regards theoretical issues, legislation and law enforcement, are based on the principles of interdisciplinarity and comparative legal approaches. During their studies, students attend work placements at municipalities, prosecutor’s offices and courts of justice. Upon successfully passing all state exams, graduates are awarded a professional qualification in law after a compulsory work placement and examination at the Ministry of Justice, in accordance with the Bulgarian Judicial System Act.


Postgraduate MA Degree:

  • Maritime law and Logistics

PhD Academic Degree:

  • 05.05.06 Constitutional Law
  • 05.05.08 Civil and Family Law
  • 05.05.15 International Law and Relations
  • 05.05.19 Forensic Science
  • 05.05.20 Criminology