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01 August 2022
For the attention of students, PhD candidates, faculty and staff
of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"
Dear colleagues,
No. 447
Varna, 01 August 2022

In connection with the epidemic situation, in accordance with the updated National Operational Plan for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and on the basis of Art. 21, item 4 of the Regulations for the organization and operation of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"
1. All units to maintain an uninterrupted work process within the scheduled hours of operation.
2. Depending on the stage of development of the pandemic, I introduce temporary anti-epidemic measures as follows:

Stages Mandatory anti-epidemic measures Duration of the measures
Stage 0 Measures are not undertaken Until the pandemic is cancelled by the WHO or until moving to Stage 1.1.
Stage 1 Keeping a physical distance of at least 1.5 m.
Regular airing of the premises and disinfection of the floors and surfaces.
Conducting a daily filter for the presence of students with clinical symptoms of COVID-19 and their removal from the learning process until the diagnosis is established and clinical recovery.
Until moving to Stage 0 or Stage 2.
Stage 2 All measures from stage 1 are undertaken, as well as:
Wearing a protective face mask indoors.
Not allowing more than 1 person per 8 sq. m. area.
Training is carried out according to a schedule, in which it is not allowed to conduct practical or seminar classes for more than 50% of the groups at the same time, as well as mixing groups.
  1. Lectures are planned in halls allowing 50% occupancy of the premises.
  2. Limitation of non-university activities.
  3. Limiting non-essential contacts in the workplace.
  4. If possible, remote work.
Until moving to Stage 1 or Stage 3.
Stage 3 All measures from the previous stages are undertaken, as well as:
Wearing a protective face mask outdoors in organised or spontaneous gatherings of people.
Group activities that are not of a professional nature are suspended.
The educational activity is conducted remotely in an electronic environment. Attendance is allowed by the decision of the head of the training unit for seminars and practical classes, when they are not planned in a stream with other modes of training, state exams and practical training and exams of students at the Professional Training Centre.
The meetings of the scientific juries for awarding of degrees and for the occupation of academic positions are planned and conducted remotely in an electronic environment.
The work of the collective management bodies is carried out in a hybrid environment (present and with ensured remote access in an electronic environment).
Indoor congress and conference events, seminars, exhibitions and other public events are suspended. An already announced indoor public event can be held after rationale by the organizer and permission of the Rector.
The sports facilities of the University are open only for individual use.
Remote work, if possible for 50% of the staff.
Until moving to Stage 2 or Stage 4. Lectures to be held
online by the end of the semester if there is less than one month left until
the last scheduled class.
Stage 4 All measures from stages 1 and 2 are undertaken, as well as:
All current academic activities are suspended. The same are conducted remotely in an electronic environment.
The work of the collective management bodies is carried out in an entirely electronic environment.
The sports hall of the University must not be used.
Remote work, if possible for more than 50% of the staff. On-site work is only allowed for key administration employees who cannot work remotely.
Until moving on to Stage 3.
Classes to be held online until the end of the semester,
if there is less than one month left until the last
scheduled class.
3. The stages under item 2 for the territorial units of the University are determined according to the Map of the Epidemic Situation by Territorial Areas ( In order to guarantee the sustainability of the decisions, in the event of a forecast for the area to move to a higher stage in the next 14 days, by order of the dean (director of the branch), the classes can be planned and conducted according to the requirements of the higher stage.
4. The Institute of Technology should maintain information on the University's website about the current stage and the specific anti-epidemic measures under item 2 for each territorial unit.
5. The Planning sector and the office of the Smolyan branch should announce the format of the classes using the study schedule, and in case of face-to-face classes, the classroom should be indicated. The codes for the courses in Classroom should be announced using the study schedule, regardless of the mode of study.
6. The lecturers should send the students invitations for their courses in Classroom, as well as invitations for the classes using the calendars of the disciplines, within a week before the start of the classes. In the courses in Classroom and the calendars of the disciplines, the form of conducting the classes should be indicated and a link to the virtual rooms for online training should be published at In the event of a change in the format of the classes, the lecturers should promptly inform the students through the courses in Classroom and renewed invitations using their calendars
7. The monthly schedules for on-site work at stages 2, 3 and 4 must be approved by the General Secretary of VFU by the 25th of the previous month. Employees working remotely to fulfil their duties according to item 7 of my Order No. 450 of 16 July 2020.
8. When stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 is announced, the Facilities Support unit to provide disinfection materials and hygiene materials according to the Health and Safety Risk Prevention Plan-Programme in connection with a new biological agent causing the disease COVID- 19 in VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar".
9. For cases not mentioned in this order, the orders of the Minister of Health and the relevant Regional Health Inspectorate must be followed.
10. This order cancels my order No. 198/24 March 2022 and is valid until the cancellation of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization.
Stay healthy!
Good luck during the new academic year!