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Department of Administration and Management

Administration and Management; 


Bachelor's degree programs:

Public Administration and Management
Business Administration and Management


Master's degree programs:

European Project Administration and Management (F)
Management of International Business Projects (F, P) EK
Advertising and Public Relations in Business Management (F, P)
Cultural Tourism Management (F,P)
Management and International Marketing (D)
Administration Infrastructure (D)
Sports Management (P)

PhD programs:
Organization and Management outside the Sphere of Material Production
Economics and Management (industry)

Head of Department: Dr. Miglena Pencheva
phone: +359 52 359 566
Office: G2

Secretary: Radostina Dimitrova
Tel.: +359 52 359-568; 0884041526


Outstanding Students

Every year, students from the Informatics Department participate in different national student Olympiads in programming, whereas a team comprising VFU students Vladimir Blaskov, Petar Michev and Konstantin Shterev ranked third at the 2009 event.

The achievements of our students are widely appreciated outside the university. In 2010, Borislav Borisov was awarded first prize for best graduation thesis by Varna Municipality, while in 2009 Ivo Rakitin deserved a Varna Award.

Students from the Department have been participating in a number of national and international competitions, whereas in 2009 Slav Kukenski received first award at the national student programming contest for his logo project. The logo made by him has ever since been used as official logo for all national competitions.

Furthermore, our students have been taking an active part in the implementation of different international projects. In 2008, 2 VFU students partook in performing certain tasks under the INETERREG Project, while in 2008 and 2009 4 VFU students took part in a 2-month project entitled "3D Digitisation of Cultural Heritage", held in Xanthi, Greece.

In 2010, Yovo Yovchev reached the international round of the Adobe Design Contest in the section for Computer Graphics and Photography.

In 2008, three students of the speciality attended the Informatics in Scientific Knowledge Conference, presenting 2 papers. In June 2011, the Informatics Department held the first Student Scholarly Session in Mathematics and Computer Science, papers being presented by 9 students, 3 of whom were Year 1 students, 3 were Year 2 students, 1 was a Year 4 student, and 2 were Year 4 part-time students.

In July 2009, the Institute of Economics of Podolsk, Russia hosted an International Student Summer School. It brought together students from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. Eight of Varna Free University’s Year 2-4 Computer Science students took part in the event, preparing and presenting a total of 4 papers (3 in English and 1 in Russian).

Students from the speciality have diverse interests and skills, gladly taking part in different events organised by the Department. Six students, including a 2011 graduate, took an active part in preparing and holding a Scratch Day on 25 May, working as training group leaders and instructors for beginner programmers. The event was attended by some 80 children aged 11-15 from around the country, who were kept company by their parents and informatics teachers.