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Department of Administration and Management

About the Department


A motivated and solid team of lecturers:    

     • working on current problems of modern development;
     • active and known in the national and international educational and research community;
     • having a command of modern teaching techniques;
     • highly committed towards the future fulfillment of our graduates;
     • dedicated to the cause to provoke you:

o    to study comprehensively,
o    to think interdisciplinarily,
o    to pursue a career internationally,
o    to make decisions in an uncertain and rapidly changing external environment,
o    to capitalize on global opportunities to the utmost,
o    to be entrepreneurs and leaders,
o    to be flexible, adaptable and always one step ahead of your competitors.


International development of your educational portfolio:

• Take advantage of the conditions that we have created for intensive participation in international student mobility programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students by:
o     wide range of partner universities, where you can receive part of your training; 
o    language portfolio;
o    flexible timetable.     
• Take full advantage of the unity of training and research – we provide our students with opportunities for publication activity in various national and international journals;
• Gain experience of working with international educational and research teams and a model of teaching through the mediation of business. Outstanding foreign lecturers, leading researchers and practitioners are involved in the educational process with lectures, discussions, roundtable discussions, implementing transdisciplinary research tasks, on-line courses;
• Join our master classes;
o    conducted by international experts, guest lecturers with international recognition;
o    dedicated to current interdisciplinary problems of global significance;
o    ending with a certificate with international recognition.
Development of modern, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary applicable and internationally convertible knowledge, skills and competencies: 
• Gain valuable experience through internships and placements in international organizations – our partners are well-established public and business organizations in the EU:
o Germany
- the provinces of North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg in tourist corporations, insurance companies, banks, commercial and industrial chambers, municipal and district administrations;
o Brussels 
- at the administration of the European Commission, the Mission of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union, the Committee of the Regions, etc .;
o Russian Federation
- Moscow, St. Petersburg;
o Bulgaria 
-  in leading private companies, NGOs and the administrations of the National Assembly, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, ministries, regional and municipal administrations.
• Participate in student mobilities and placements under the Erasmus program, which enables you to not only create development skills in an intercultural environment, but also to start your professional career in international organizations.

Flexible TIME terms of training:
• distance learning in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree specialties and programs of the Department;
• opportunities for two-speed education – reducing the duration of training by 1 year under individual curriculum consistent with the capabilities and preferences of the students, through certification of previous knowledge and skills;
• opportunities for accelerated training of excellent students to integrate the process for receiving a  Bachelor’s  and a Master's degree; 
• opportunity for simultaneous training in two specialties. 
Attractive conditions for UPGRADING TRAINING of: 

• professional Bachelors - from professional area of Administration and Management, including in Master’s degree programs for professional bachelors;
• graduates from secondary vocational schools - from the same professional area; recognition of prior education; certification semester; individual curricula; 
Attractive PRICE terms of training:
o    opportunities for scholarships, discounts from semester fees, awards, etc .;
o    rescheduled payment of semester fees.

The training with us is practice-oriented and focused on topical areas of professional development:
• Our Master’s degree programs are consistent with the requirements of the labour market – without equal at other universities; at attractive prices; We have over 850 graduated Masters, about 30 percent of whom are holding positions of responsibility in the system of state and territorial administration;
• The Doctoral programs cover key areas to conduct practical and applied research serving the needs of business and public organizations.
• The Department provides organizational and methodological support for motivated students to find a job - in the business sector and the public sector, the system of state and territorial administration, NGOs and others.
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Maria Velikova, PhD
Tel. +359 52 359-595    
Office A 403 
Reception day: Wednesday, 15:00 - 16:00

Scientific Research Expert: 
Ass. Prof. Pavlina Yamukova, PhD
Tel. +359 52/ 359-595
Office A 403 
email: :
Reception day: on the days with scheduled lectures   

PhD Studies Expert: Assoc. Prof. Svetla Mihaleva, PhD 
Tel.: 052/359-632 
Office A 419 
Reception days: Tuesday, 13:00 - 14:30, Thursday, 13:00 - 14:30 

ECTS Coordinators: 
ECTS Coordinator for the Professional Area of Administration and Management 
ass prof. Ivanka Bankova, PhD
Tel. 052/359-595
Office A 404 
Reception day: on the days with scheduled lectures   

ECTS Coordinator for the Professional Area of Political Science
 Assoc. Prof. Kaloyan Smilkov, PhD 
Office G 1

Erasmus Coordinator: 
Assoc.Prof. Daniela Popova,Phd
Tel.: +359 52 / 359-602
Office: A 401 
Reception day : Wednesday 13:00 to 15:00 h., 

Department Secretary: Nikolinka Paskova 
Tel.: 052/359-568 
Reception days: Week days, 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 14:00